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Private and Hybrid Cloud Services

Microsoft's Office 365 & Azure, Private or Hybrid cloud solutions, Cloud based Security and Workspaces-as-a-Service.


A virtualization service for workstations; by migrating the operating system, applications and data to a centralized hosted private cloud environment. This service improves accessibility and security while reducing operating costs through standardization, data isolation, and the centralization of resources.

Key Benefits:
• No Contract, Predictable Month Costs with a Pay-As-You-Go model
• Device and Location Independence, operating system licenses included
• Agility and Flexibility – New desktops can be provision in minutes
• Expandable processing power and storage capacity on-demand


A fully virtualized environment and dedicated system for a private cloud as a service. The Enterprise Cloud service addresses the needs of clients who want to control hardware resource allocation without wasting time or capital on hardware infrastructure or operation management.

Key Benefits:
• Hardware resources are dedicated on a fully redundant platform.
• 99.98% Availability with Microsoft server licenses included.
• Data is stored in a protected isolated environment.
• Administration interface allows for easy creation and management of new servers.


Simplified Security with a single platform and unified framework, backed by real-time threat intelligence.
Intel Security’s Endpoint Protection delivers affordable, easy-to-use endpoint, email, data, and mobile security that you can deploy in the cloud or on premises.

Key Benefits:
• Protect desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, email, and your data with security that is always up to date.
• Spend less time managing endpoint security and more time on core business activities.
• Protect your Azure environment with McAfee endpoint security.

Office 365 & Azure

Office 365 is about bringing SharePoint, Exchange, Office Professional and Lync to whoever needs it – no matter where they are or what their needs are. Office 365 and Azure are a paradigm change. They are a new way of thinking about enterprise deployments and development.

Key Benefits:
• Multi-device usage, additional online storage and integrated back-up.
• Greater flexibility, better collaboration, and enhanced connectivity.
• Microsoft’s Azure is the industry leading cloud platform for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

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