Cloud Desktops – Our Need for Speed


We have been actively testing our new cloud desktop VDI environment in as many user situations as possible, not only to continue to prove the Cloud Desktop concept but to proverbially walk a mile in the shoes of our customers. We need to ensure that a desktop experience delivered via the cloud is as good as having the operating system installed locally.





I took the opportunity last week to see what the experience would be like while travelling on the train to see a customer. To establish a base line, I tethered my mobile phone to my Laptop via USB, and ran a Speed Test to determine what the throughput was for my connection before connecting to my Star – Cloud Desktop.



Here were the results:


Cloud Desktop GO Train Speed Test


I was actually surprised that Bell Canada, my mobile service provider, was delivering just over 13 Mbps in the downstream over their mobile network.


Next, I connected to my Star – Cloud Desktop and ran the same speed test, with the following results:


Cloud Desktop Mobile Data Speed Test 




Since the first leg of the connection to my Star – Cloud Desktop is through my mobile service provider (Bell Canada), the data stream only contains information relating to my keyboard and mouse movements, any sound going in or out of my speakers and microphone as well as the display on the laptop. This is a marginal amount of data, easily handled by my 15/2 mobile data connection. The real processing is being done by the high performance servers in the datacenter, where my Star – Cloud Desktop is connected to the internet and is processing data at a much higher rate, and accessing the internet at unbelievably fast speeds.


The proof is in the pudding – Minimal data transfer via my mobile connection, and a seamless user experience on my hosted desktop.


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