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Vulnerability scanning

CyberSecurity as a Service

Sophisticated security solutions usually require a substantial investment in additional technologies. We offer enterprise-grade solutions with pricing options scaled down for small and medium size businesses. Choose the optimal budget for you, without compromising quality of service.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify threats to all systems by performing scheduled scans across the entire network. We help infrastructure administrators to dynamically enhance their cybersecurity procedures based on results provided by the vulnerability scans.

Detailed Reporting

Delivering advanced reports and integrating them with helpdesk solutions and support ticket platforms allow service providers to prioritize their actions. Problem remediation becomes an easy task once the reports results are properly and efficiently organized.

Our Solutions

An integrated set of tools to build and deploy cybersecurity-related projects.

By using our services, you get expert support from experienced professionals, best-in-class security engineers, certified on the latest state-ot-the-art technologies. In cybersecurity early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities is critically important. 

Why choose us?

Out goal is to generate confidence and security for each of our customers. This is our motivation for study, innovation and constant technological changes, to continuously improve our knowledge and add value to our business solutions.

Security Upgrades

We can identify patches, firmware and recommended software updates, to eliminate any factors that are posing a threat to the overall security of your environment.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Information

Our reports provide detailed information on infrastructure components, from operating systems and applications to IP phones, routers, switches and more.

Assessment and reporting

In an easily readable way, the most critical vulnerabilities that need to be remediated are forwarded to the IT department, in a consolidated and prioritized order.

We will need a certain level of access to your infrastructure. In some cases a computer will be installed on your network, and some tasks will require elevated permissions. 

The total time required depends on the size of your environment but expect anywhere from 2 hours for smaller environments to 8 hours for large environments. 

As per our non-disclosure confidentiality agreement, all scan results and any related information are shared only with designated contacts from your organization