Discover your network from inside out.

IT Assessments


Discover your infrastructure from inside out with a thorough inspection, analyzing all endpoints and key nodes of you network.


We use a combination of tools to assess the health of your network, scanning devices, applications and user settings.


Visually appealing and simple to understand reports will be generated, in order to help you decide what steps to take next.

Our Solutions

Discover your network inside out.

Through a quick process of information gathering we can build a complete report on the health of your network. Our IT Assessments will reveal details about your network and devices ranging from a broad, basic security perspective to a granular individual device perspective. The entire process is quick and minimally invasive to your network and the reports we present to you are complete and easy to understand.

We will need a certain level of access to your infrastructure. In some cases a computer will be installed on your network, and some tasks will require elevated permissions. 

The total time required depends on the size of your environment but expect anywhere from 2 hours for smaller environments to 8 hours for large environments. 

As per our non-disclosure confidentiality agreement, all scan results and any related information are shared only with designated contacts from your organization