Microset Returns!

Microset Systems Inc
was founded in 1972 with the primary and broad focus of simply ‘Networking People with Computers’. Over the last 40+ years Microset has immersed itself within so many emerging and evolving technologies that included Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and network-based fax messaging in the 1990s to perimeter and device security in the early 2000s to the next generation of Virtualization Technologies of today; all while being a group of tech evangelists and a trusted service partner for clients in Canada, The US and around the world.


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Now in 2015 it is time for MSI’s return. We want not only to improve the way we interface with technology, but the way we access it.


With the advancements in virtualization over the last number of years and the increased accessibility to high-speed data connections from almost anywhere, the conditions are now ideal to leverage a cloud-based delivery system to operate and manage desktop operating systems.


Running VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in an online environment is no longer just a nice concept, it’s a reality – It is here today, and it will be new-norm in the future.


Cloud Desktops/Desktop-as-a-service is a technology that is ready for mainstream, bringing all the efficiencies once only reserved for servers in a datacenter. It’s time to liberate your desktop operating system from its physical hardware limitations, and expand your processing power and storage capacity on demand.


So what does this mean?

It means that if you need to upgrade your computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 you no longer have to worry about the impact it will have on your physical laptop or desktop. You simply request the upgrade, and the next time you login – It’s there.


Need more hard drive space?

Ask and you shall receive.


Need more RAM or process power? 



Spill coffee on your keyboard?

Find another desktop, laptop, tablet, i-Pad, etc. and you are right back to the same screen you had before the flood of hot liquid shorted out your keyboard.


These are just some of the benefits for the desktop user. For the company it’s a game changer for manageability, standardization and disaster recovery. For Microset, this is a new journey and we welcome you to come along with us again.