Private | Hybrid Cloud


For the majority of organizations leveraging a traditional cloud IT environment is based on a private cloud configuration.

Migrating to this model doesn’t involve any changes in the way  that IT systems or resources are managed; just the infrastructure is outsourced and the platform hardware is virtualized. This service involves dedicated hardware resources, complete system isolation from other entities and ensuring strict quality parameters are enforced (SLA).

Private cloud is the preference of organizations that first migrate to cloud environment to reduce operational costs and to achieve efficiencies in the IT department and its operations.

The private cloud is used for:

  • Production Business Applications
  • Database Processing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Online Backup

All data hosted in our private cloud are protected at all levels of the IT environment including: dedicated equipment, virtualization protection, security and encryption, and secured data connectivity.

Microset Systems developed a cloud platform, in its private Datacenter, that can deliver private cloud configurations, designed to exceed the demands of our customers for projects such as: Colocation, Enterprise Cloud (Microsoft Hyper-V or Vmware).

  • Service available: 24/7 with SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Exclusively used by a single IT entity
  • Fixed and predictable costs
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Virtual Platform Management of operating systems and applications
  • Dedicated data communication services
  • Adapted security to meet project requirements
  • IT compliance – compliance standards to meet Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, HIPPA requirements
  • Customized configurations.


Hybrid cloud combines the benefits of both models of cloud services – private and public. Hybrid Clouds being used by organizatons that have developed their own platform in a private cloud, but need external resources for short term projects.

Hybrid cloud is a more complex model that can be used for:


  • A centralized  IT central  protected by a reserve environment from a different location
  • Distributed IT environments for multiple locations (multisite)
  • Alignment of the IT environment with business continuity processes in the event of a disaster or site failure (business continuity).

Project planning  for a hybrid cloud deployment involve a detailed analysis of objectives and the required necessary infrastructure. Microset Systems will deliver a complete solution including: enterprise cloud, dedicated servers, colocation, and data communication services.

  • Public service model, available 24/7
  • Used by any number of users
  • You pay for what you need (pas-as-you-go)
  • No contract
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Operating systems and application management
  • Secure deditcated data connectivity