Compare The Benefits of DaaS vs. VDI

  COMPARE THE BENEFITS OF DAAS VS. VDI   Cloud desktops are cheaper, easier to use and easier to implement than VDI. They can save your IT department from some of the hassle that comes with VDI because the DaaS provider your company chooses will take care of resource provisioning, load balancing and network issues.[…]


The New Era of Business Computing

  The New Era of Business Computing   We are in a new era of business computing and companies are responding to the new way that people work, how they buy and operate their IT infrastructure. VDI is therefore becoming as ubiquitous as desktops and laptops, with companies viewing it as a top priority for[…]

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Microset Returns!

Microset Systems Inc was founded in 1972 with the primary and broad focus of simply ‘Networking People with Computers’. Over the last 40+ years Microset has immersed itself within so many emerging and evolving technologies that included Integrated Voice Response (IVR) and network-based fax messaging in the 1990s to perimeter and device security in the[…]