The New Era of Business Computing


The New Era of Business Computing


We are in a new era of business computing and companies are responding to the new way that people work, how they buy and operate their IT infrastructure. VDI is therefore becoming as ubiquitous as desktops and laptops, with companies viewing it as a top priority for efficient computing and a more secure approach for mobility, access anytime – anywhere, and tele-commuting.




Reducing Costs


VDI can also be a way to reduce cost. Instead of migrating from Windows XP or Windows7 to Windows 8.1 or 10, moving users to VDI means moving them virtually, without having to go out and change the physical machines. Virtual desktop licensing has recently been simplified and by hosting your infrastructure you can shift any licensing concerns to your vendor.


Improving Manageability


VDI is so much easier to manage than the traditional desktop/laptop infrastructure because hundreds of desktops can run off a single central image. This means security is improved since only one image needs to be secured, and because no data is transferred to the personal device, the information remains secure in the data center. Maintenance becomes less of a headache since all patching and upgrades occur once, rather than having to push to every desktop.


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